Thelma and Louise ²

Instead of just Thelma & Louise there were four of us ranging in age from 60 to 87 (more like The Golden Girls).  Instead of the green 1966 Thunderbird convertible, we leased a red Jeep Cherokee to drive from south Florida to New Orleans, then to Biloxi.  Instead of Brad Pitt and Harvey Keitel, we played with hundreds of  young men in red dresses.  We didn’t kill anyone and we weren’t chased by the police but we laughed and joked about children, men and sex across three states until we arrived at the Bourbon Orleans Hotel in the middle of the French Quarter. The hotel was the epitome of southern graciousness and charm.trip2

New Orleans was more than what I imagined – I loved every sight, smell, sound and taste of it. We had Death by Sex (champagne and  Absinthe) at the Hotel Monteleone’s famous revolving Carousel Bar.trip3 The bar was spinning so fast I thought I’d be thrown off my stool by the centrifugal force or it could’ve been the Absinthe.

We wandered the streets listening to the street musicians and enjoying the myriad galleries and eventually made our way to iconic Bourbon Street where we heard a blues band playing in a little corner bar.  We were the only customers but were drinking and laughing and dancing and must have provided the entertainment because quite soon the bar was crowded with beautiful young people.  The girls wanted to dance and talk and kept telling us they wanted to be like us (when they were our age).  What a hoot!  We made so many new best friends – don’t know anyone’s name, but it was fun. The young men were good looking and great dancers.  Sorry I can’t provide a link to the bar but it had “window” or “door” in its name and was on a corner of Bourbon Street. Know which one I mean?

The "window" or "door" bar on Bourbon Street

Our new best friends at the “window” or “door” bar on Bourbon Street

I saw, drank and ate almost  everything on my list and loved it all.  I got rained out of the walking ghost tour the first night and I was too tired(?) the second night.  I will definitely return to New Orleans.  Geena Davis and Susan Sarandon – eat your hearts out. You drove off a cliff and can’t come.

The Red Dress Run for charity

There were about 3,000 men in red dresses for the Red Dress Run for charity … more drinking than running going on!


Inside the Two Sisters for the best breakfast buffet I've ever had

Inside the Court of the Two Sisters for the best breakfast buffet imaginable


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2 thoughts on “Thelma and Louise ²

  1. Sounds like you had a lot of fun. Wish I were there.


  2. In 2011 I had a convention on the same weekend of the Red Dress Run and I’ve yet to make it back to it. I’m glad you enjoyed NOLA. It’s one of my favorite places in the world.


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