Born in the middle of the 20th century, I’m a mid-century girl.  My four beautiful children are grown and independent, my grandchildren healthy and well loved.  I’ve worked since I was 17 and have fulfilled all my responsibilities.   Now it’s my turn!  I’m newly retired and ready to make my dreams come true.

This blog is to show other retro-women that life begins anew at retirement … not your husband’s retirement, but yours.  Every day is an adventure to be experienced with joy and laughter.  Mid-century girls have worked hard to gain equal rights for our daughters, raised our children to be strong and independent and now it’s time to enjoy all the things we’ve put off doing for ourselves because we were so busy taking care of the ones we love.

My husband and I live in Florida, have a cottage on Lake Huron in Michigan and own a Casita travel trailer that he’s not too crazy about. Sometimes we’re not in the same place at the same time and that’s OK because I’m the independent sort.  My dreams have always been about going, doing, seeing and having adventures – whether it’s investigating elephant poop behind the tents at the circus with my kids when they were little or touring Machu Picchu and missing the boat on Lake Titicaca in Peru.

Small or grand every day should contain at least one good story!



14 thoughts on “Jodi

  1. c’mon … give it up! .. just like marvin gaye .,.. what’s goin’ on? L ks


  2. this is great! i have a suggestion if i may … i guess i’ll tell you over the phone … it’s simple … i think yoy should enlarge your print … i’ll show you how … ? i think this is a GREAT introduction … i just hope a lot of boomer babes get hip to it …. L ks


  3. Just the type of blog I’ve been looking for! Can’t wait to read about future travels.


  4. Karyn

    Thank you for saying what I said but better *except the part about the husband, the cottage, the travel trailer and Machu Picchu – but otherwise, yeah, just the same stuff 😐


  5. niedma

    This is really phenomenal! I hope that you have the most amazing time with your adventures!


    • Thanx – I’m taking my older sister (think “princess”) on her first camping trip next month, to St. Augustine Beach. Hope you’ll join us – should be a hoot!


  6. Well done Jodi. Love the photo. It creates the right atmosphere for the blog.


  7. ” Mid-century girls have worked hard to gain equal rights for our daughters,…” – some words stay in mind even without trying. Liked your blog, and your strong independent voice. This is a totally different perspective for me, and I’m sticking with you…


  8. Hello fellow mid-century girl.


  9. Hello, Jodi, it is great to read of other nomadic wanderers as I will follow your journey. 🙂


  10. Nicki

    Hi Jodi, I also have a husband who doesn’t like camping but for me it is a dream. I just bought my little rig and hope to soon get started. I am so glad I found your blog and hope to be able to read more of our adventures. I love your Casita trailer. It seems there are more blogs about women and RV’s or living in a van, so I am especially happy I finally found your blog with a Casita. I just bought a TigerMoth (little brother of a Cricket) and it is actually a bed on wheels. I like it simple and easy to drive and less to clean.


    • I just Googled TigerMoth and LOVE it! I hope you enjoy it as much as I do my Casita. I’m taking my 5-year old grandson on his first camping adventure next week. He’s a hoot, so it should make a fun blog. Thanks for reading.


      • I love the Casita as well as the Scampi. I thought my husband was going to camp with me so I got the TigerMoth since he needs big beds. Yours has the nice indoor kitchen. I can see me now cooking with an umbrella. I need a Kelti canopy. Fun in the beginning adding items I will need. We are traveling (no camping sniff sniff) with my husband’s grandson. He is fifteen and hungry all the time. Great showing him Grand Canyon, but not sure he wants to drive around that much. Would love to show him Tombstone but we will see. At the moment he loves Malls (boring!). Your blog is so colorful and interesting! It keeps me hopeful that camping alone can be a woman’s joy!! Nicki

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