Flip Flops, Snowboots and Mucinex – These are a Few of My Favorite Things

When we left our home in Florida the day before Thanksgiving it was 89 degrees and sunny. We closed up the house, turned the air-conditioner to 80 and made sure the pool was clean & shocked then jumped in the car and drove 550 miles to Atlanta to have Thanksgiving with our daughter’s family where we picked up the flu before jumping in the car to drive the last 750 miles to our cottage in Tawas, Michigan.


Flip flops and Go Walks

Flip flops and Go Walks

So I wore my flip flops from Florida to Atlanta, then as my feet got cold, I switched to my enclosed Go Walks by Skechers.  If you don’t have a pair of Go Walks for everyday use, do yourself a favor and buy some. They’re like walking on air.  As we got farther north I added a pair of socks with my Go Walks and started coughing & sneezing.  We stopped early in Kentucky because I was such a hot mess and was begging for Mucinex and Delsym cough medicine.  So,there’s three recommendations in one paragraph — Go Walks for your feet, Mucinex for your nose and Delsym for your cough.  Isn’t there an old joke about being built backwards, “my feet smell and my nose runs”?

By the time we got to our cottage in Tawas, Michigan we were both hacking & snorting & shivering & feverish and spent the first two days doing the flu shuffle …. from the bed to the chair in front of the fireplace to the sofa to the bathroom & back to bed.  My ensemble was flannel pajamas and woolen socks.


Water proof snow boots and leather hiking boots

Water proof snow boots and leather hiking boots

Today I finally was well enough to go outside and walk down to our little beach on Tawas Bay on Lake Huron.  I wore my waterproof boots because it snowed yesterday.  I saw raccoon and deer tracks in the snow and the frozen sand, the sun was shining in a blue sky and you’d never know it was 19 degrees.

So that’s my 1,300 mile footwear travelogue. I enjoyed every step.

Our little beach on Tawas Bay, Lake Huron

Our little beach on Tawas Bay, Lake Huron


The dock next to the beach

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