To You from Me

Because I have trouble expressing myself when we are face to face, I’m writing you this letter wishing that you cared enough to follow my blog.  Although I know that I’m an intelligent, sensitive, intuitive woman somehow you manage to fluster me and I feel that you twist my words or over-analyze them  until the meaning is lost.  I’ve often thought I could express myself better in writing, but hand-written letters are no more and you are always too busy to read my blogs.

I want you to know the free-wheeling, happy, spontaneous person I am and not the daily drudge who necessarily takes care of home and family.  I wish you could join me in the simple thoughts that give me pleasure … dreams and daydreams and flights of fancy …  instead of the heavy, monumental, heart-wrenching, world-changing events that you constantly want to obsess over and discuss.

Did you ever really know me?  Do you care to know me?  My older self is reverting to my younger self back in the days when I was adventurous, excited, exciting and full of curiosity. Don’t you want to join me?

Read my blog!

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