Love’s Stolen Desires

Kurt Struble Writing

There’s a place upon the hearth  

never bare of lovers hearts with shattered  

madness .. torn desires … love’s broken hearts 

lover’s sadness

gladness flogged to death with sheer 

delight every step along the road of

kindness  …

 but it’s not 


concern  …  


I see them now I’ll see them again … 

clutching just beneath the sight of awareness  …

the fruit of their desire …


i see lovers besieged, 

held prisoner in bonds of despair and sorrow, 

false love turned shrapnel,  cruel

intent injurious to the soul 

rotten to the core with usury 

the flesh of stolen gladness taken then  

denied …  


those unstable lovers, 

those usually male forces they

lose  bits of their lives every

single day they

reap the sacrifices made for them …


a bleak reminder to all who 

seek love …

look first before you 

leap for love …..

grab and…

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