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You Know You’re a Mid-Century Girl If …

I’m a mid-century girl and you are too:

  • If you were born in the 1940s, 50s or 60s
  • If you wore a girdle and stockings to your first job but later burned your bra, threw out your girdle & started wearing pantyhose and mini-skirts and slacks to work & now wear Spanx if necessary
  • If you learned to type on a manual typewriter, then used an IBM Selectric then a computer keyboard & now have an iPad or notebook
  • If you worked where there was a telephone switchboard but now use a smart phone
  • If you watched I Love Lucy, Gunsmoke & Bonanza  on a black & white television & now have flat screen TVs in every room with TIVO, ROKU or You Tube
  • If you used to get dressed up to go shopping downtown but now do all your shopping at the mall or on-line at or eBay
  • If you had to save up to make weekly long distance calls home to your parents and now use Skype or Facetime to stay in touch with family & friends
  • If you took shorthand, bookkeeping and business English in high school and still use all those skills
  • If you hand wrote letters in cursive to friends & relatives on nice stationary, stamped them and sent them through the  mail and now use email and FaceBook to communicate with those same people
  • If you had a Brownie Instamatic or Polaroid camera that used flash bulbs but now use your smart phone to take photos
  • If you were forced to take Home Economics in high school but were not allowed to take Shop because you are a girl
  • If you helped your parents read (and fold) road maps during summer road trips but now use GPS, Priceline, Trip Advisor or a map app on your smart phone
  • If you used to wash and iron your cotton/linen/silk dresses then went to polyester because it was wrinkle free and now wear 100 % cotton, linen & silk again
  • If you used to play in blue jeans and Keds and now wear designer jeans, heels & blingy tops for evening wear
  • If you were forced into one of the accepted professions for women; secretary, teacher, nurse but retired as an Executive Assistant, school principal, senior teacher, politician, doctor, lawyer or para-legal, manager, engineer, astronaut or succeeded in whatever career you eventually chose
  • If you read the Bobbsey Twins and Nancy Drew and now read mysteries, blogs & the Wall Street Journal
  • If you went from watching Disney with your family on Sunday nights to visiting Disney World with your grandchildren

You’re a mid-century girl and my kind of woman – so, let the adventures begin!

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