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Sisters Road Trip – Third Stop, Memphis!

Dawn in Thompsons Station, TN

Left Thompsons Station (Nashville) TN headed to Memphis

We drove 212 miles southwest from Nashville to Memphis along I-40.  The leaves were changing at Nashville’s elevation of 600 feet but the trees were mostly still green at Memphis’ lower elevation of 300 feet.  Coming from southern Florida where we’re only 4 feet above sea level I’m surprised we didn’t get altitude sickness.  Only kidding … I had altitude sickness when I visited Machu Picchu in Peru at 15,000 feet and I wouldn’t wish that on anyone.

Why is it that you’re always hungry on a car trip?  My sister and I can’t seem to drive for more than an hour without wanting to nosh.  So when we passed a sign for Loretta Lynn’s Kitchen, we had to stop.


We had a wonderful breakfast at a very reasonable price.  The sausage and bacon came from her farm about 8 miles up the road in Hurricane Mills, TN.  About an hour after breakfast we kind of kicked ourselves for not driving out to her farm to say “howdy”! Sure.

I’ve always been drawn to the old west and I’ve decorated my 17-foot Casita travel trailer in 1950s retro cowboy style – my best childhood memories are of Roy Rogers, Hopalong Cassidy, Sky King, Bonanza, et al.  I was a tomboy and wanted to grow up to be a cowboy – not a cowgirl, they were too, well, “girlie”.  Loretta has a great little gift shop and I had to buy this plaque for my baby Casita.



My 17-foot Casita Spirit

So, we got to my niece/nephew’s gorgeous home in Memphis and went to dinner at a really fun place called Sliders Inn then spent the rest of our visit walking in a nearby park and enjoying the wonderful weather and great company.

Greeted by my niece with apple caramel martinis

Greeted by my niece with apple caramel martinis

Went for a stroll to work off those apple caramel martinis!

Went for a stroll to work off those apple caramel martinis!

We made our famous Chicken Almond Stew for Mike & Jenny & Josh for dinner so they would have plenty of left-overs to remind them of our visit.  Then left for the last leg of our journey … kayaking on Rainbow Springs!

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