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Aquaman tells Mom, “Procrastination Eliminates Choice”

It began as a small rough patch on the bottom of the pool, then a little chip, then a silver dollar size chip but, hey, the kids & grandkids were visiting & having a ball in the pool.  When they left a week later it was about 3 inches in diameter.  Then we were traveling, then more company, then traveling again.  By the time the chip was 6 inches in diameter we called the pool company.  Waited a week, called again.  We were told to get two part epoxy underwater putty and someone with scuba gear to seal the edges so it didn’t get any bigger until we’re ready to re-marcite the entire pool.  More traveling, other priorities, husband working on the roof of the cottage up north and now the chip is a crater about 14 inches in diameter so I called my son Matt – scuba diver, surfer, paddle boarder,water baby extraordinaire. We talked several times about the hole and what we should do about it.  Eventually, he told me what to buy, A & B Epoxy Putty,  and we scheduled a time for the repair.




I think he was slightly horrified at the size of the hole but put on his weight belt & mask & chipped out the edges while I kneaded the 2-part epoxy putty  getting it ready for his use.  He regretted not bringing his scuba gear because it took him almost an hour to free dive and mold the putty around the edges of the crater. He was shivering & light headed by the time he was done, but his work was meticulous.  I made him hot broth & hot coffee.




I gushed over  Matt telling him  how much I appreciated his good work and thanked him lavishly for helping me out & told him how much I love him & how proud I am of him.  He looked at me with his big soulful,  hazel eyes and sadly said,  “Mom, I love you but you gotta remember procrastination eliminates choice”.



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