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Hey, Caesar Augustus … I Needed That Extra Day in February!

caesarThere’s an old story that the month of February used to have 29 days but Caesar Augustus took a day from February to add it to August, a month that was named after him.  Well, I suppose if I had a month named after me I’d make the most of it too. Really, I understand why February has 28 days, the Roman calendar and the reforms in the Julian calendar, leap year, Sadie Hawkins day,  blah, blah, blah … but I really could have used that extra day in February and maybe borrowed one from May and July, too.

I reviewed my calendar for February:  Super Bowl, recover from Super Bowl, doctor visit, mail order prescriptions, color hair, ship eBay sales, meet with attorney, babysit for granddaughter, dinner with friends, clean and re-supply travel trailer, drive 150 miles to Orlando, three days camping at Anastasia State Park in St. Augustine, quilt tops for customers, three days in Orlando, taught nieces to make burlap wreaths, made a huge linguine and clam sauce dinner for family, Valentine’s Day, met daughter and grandson in Orlando and had them follow me 150 miles home for three days of fun and games, granddaughter’s 6th birthday party with dinner afterwards at my house, drove back to Atlanta with daughter & grandson for 5 days of fun and games, flew home from Atlanta, hair cut, grocery shopping, laundry, paid bills and cleaned out the travel trailer.

Not fair, Augustus.  If I’d had a couple more days I could have had some real fun.








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