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I Never Thought I’d Scream “EEK!”

Working at my desk I heard Tinkerbelle the cat meowing … and meowing & meowing.  She was two rooms away batting something on the floor. Since my cataract surgeries earlier this month I am able to see two rooms away but could not quite see what she was pawing.  Something dark & skinny wriggling on the floor.  A worm? OMG, a snake.  A little baby snake but a snake nonetheless.  What’s that sound?  Me screaming, “EEK” and jumping up & down. OK, OK, OK get the broom. Running around in circles, where’s the flipping broom? Oh yeah, it’s out in the camper.  I yelled for Tinkerbelle to watch the snake, don’t let it move & ran for something with a long handle & found a sponge mop.  I tried to push the snake out the back sliding door but only managed to flip it onto the sea grass carpet – Tink and I both jumped back & I stopped screaming long enough to consider what to do.  Pushing it with the mop on the knobby sea grass would probably smoosh it into the carpet so, shivering, I ran for the vacuum. I flipped it on & held it over the squirming little body which disappeared.  Not knowing if the snake would drop out when the suction stopped, still running, I threw the vacuum out the lanai sliding door (thank goodness it didn’t slide into the pool!), pulled the vacuum plug, threw that outside & slammed the door shut.  Tinkerbelle was sniffing the carpet and under the couch looking for a nest of vipers I guess.  Meanwhile the phone was ringing & I heard my neighbor, Annie, leaving a message, “Jodi, are you OK?  I heard you screaming, let me know if you need me.”  I grabbed the phone before she hung up & told her about the snake.  She asked if I needed her to come over.  I was a little embarrassed.  She’s 89 years old and pretty feisty but I told her I didn’t need her.  I need a mongoose.

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