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Just Do It!

I wanted to drive 550 miles to Atlanta to visit my daughter who just lost one of her best friends.  I haven’t seen my 4-year old grandson in 3 months and, quite frankly, I’m feeling a bit lonely.  But, according to friends & family:

  • You’re going on a road trip through Atlanta next week
  • You’re going to wear yourself out and get sick
  • You just went camping for 3 days in Key West
  • Think of the cost of gas
  • You’re going on a 1,500 mile road trip next week – that’s going to cost a bundle
  • What will you do with your cats?
  • What about your quilt customers, are you caught up with their orders?
  • You’re going to drive 550 miles up there and 550 miles back for just 3 days?

So, yesterday it took me exactly 8 hours to drive from my house to my daughter’s because I can.

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