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The Beauty of Dirty Windows

Daily Prompt:  Dirty – Write a new post in response to today’s one-word prompt.

I don’t walk into the sliding glass doors when they’re dirty.  I appreciate the marks left by wet cat noses, grandchildrens’ jelly fingers, kisses on the glass, greasy fingerprints by the handle and messages written in the pollen.   It’s true that you really do see stars when you hit your head hard enough. Ask me how I know.

My granddaughter thinks its funny when I walk into the glass doors because I circle the spots where my nose and chin hit the glass and when there are several she draws pictures connecting the circles. She’s easily amused and I’m always happy to provide cheap entertainment.

So, buy suncatchers for the doors you say?  Nah …  I solved the problem by buying Crayola Window Crayons and drawing seasonal messages.






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