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Didn’t I Lock My Toolbox?

Writing 101 – Day Thirteen: Serially Found  On day four, you wrote a post about losing something. Today’s Prompt: write about finding something.



Instead of its normal annoying humming, the pool pump was whistling at me. I turned off the pump, capped the chlorine container that weighs more than me and wiped off the jug of hydrochloric acid, propped the 12-foot pool broom against the ladder and went in search of my wrench in order to bleed the lines.

I keep the wrench in the pool closet along with the other pool paraphernalia; vacuum, chemicals, net, toys, chemicals, rags.  Makes sense, right?  No wrench.  Oh, crap!  Here we go again.  A five minute job is going to take  forever because someone (my husband) has “borrowed” my wrench.  I checked the tool shed, went into the house and looked through my tool box (silly me), his toolbox (silly me), my quilting studio, kitchen junk drawer(s), and the pantry.

I tried to reconstruct my husband’s movements outdoors.  I looked along the hedge, in the toolshed, around the driveway, the garbage area, near the kayak; no wrench.  Lulled by the whistling of the pool pump, I sat down for a minute on the concrete bench overlooking the water and let my gaze rest on the dock.  Aha! There it is!

Rusted and forlorn, half covered with pine needles, my wrench rested on the dock steps.  “OK”, I thought.  “A little naval jelly will remove that rust in no time”.

The naval jelly is in my tool box … uh oh.


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