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My Plot of Earth

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “A Plot of Earth.”  You’re given a plot of land and have the financial resources to do what you please. What’s the plan?

I received my forested plot of earth surrounding a large blue lake atop a ridge in the Allegheny Mountains.  We gifted our four children with acreage on my mountaintop and built them each a small cottage near the lakeshore with outbuildings for their workshops. My son-in-law has an art studio and a dark room; my daughter a quilting studio.  Her brother has an exercise studio with space for his bonsai and other passions and his wife received a sewing and design studio.  Our other son-in-law’s workshop is used to design his outdoor line of products while our other son produces natural ginger beer and vinegars in his workshop.  Guest quarters are located above each workshop and the cottages are designed for easy expansion.

We have cleared pathways between the cottages for our grandchildren.  They can easily find their way to the communal building with the large country kitchen where there’s usually someone baking something.  A vintage wooden table can seat 18 or can serve as a craft table for the kids.  Our children are extremely competitive and enjoy cooking, and out-cooking each other, so we often enjoy wonderful meals together with lots of sarcasm, puns, sick jokes and occasionally arm-wrestling.   A family room with a large fireplace, comfortable seating and a huge flat screen TV overlooks the play area with gaming tables and toys.  A stock of my favorite books provides entertainment when the TV is turned off.

There’s a dock on the lake for fishing and boating.  No motor boats; just kayaks, canoes and paddle boards. We built a campfire circle with lots of Adirondack chairs.  Hammocks are strung between the trees and plenty of tire swings are available for the grandkids. A large shed holds our toys — sleds, skis, snowmobiles, snowshoes, rafts, badminton sets, volley and soccer balls, skates, hula hoops, tents, sleeping bags, fishing poles, life vests, paddles and oars.

The most fun part of this fantasy is the tree house we built in the large oak tree behind my cottage and the zip line that runs from the treehouse down to the lake.  The shrieks and laughter gladden my heart, and that’s just from the adults.  The grandkids aren’t old enough to use the zip line yet.

If I was given a plot of earth and unlimited resources I would create a Walton’s Mountain for my family.  A place of security, serenity, safety and love; a place where my children and their children could support and protect each other.  We would call it, Jodi’s Mountain … or we could call it heaven.

Good night John Boy.

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