Does It Look Like He Has a Christmas Tree Growing Out His Butt?

Does it look like a Christmas tree growing out his butt?

Does it look like a Christmas tree growing out his butt?

My daughter Heidi decided her family should cut down their own perfect Christmas tree. It would be a fun adventure and would show 4-year old Max where Christmas trees come from.  So the day after Thanksgiving we drove from Atlanta to Sleepy Hollow Farm in Powder Springs, GA to find the ideal tree.

It was a beautiful late autumn day, great weather to ramble around the farm searching for the perfect tree.  We were given a saw when we arrived at the farm and told we could cut down any tree with a price tag.  Max got a little spooked because from his (short) perspective it was a huge forest. I was documenting the entire enterprise for posterity and to share with family and friends on Facebook.  While the tree was being wrapped and tied to the car I posted my pix to FB.

Little boy lost in the woods?

Little boy lost in the woods?

The perfect tree!

The perfect tree!

Paul Bunyan and his assistant

Paul Bunyan and his assistant


We worked up an appetite so the kids took me to their favorite Mexican restaurant in Atlanta.  Little Max calls it the “Cheese Taco Man” since he only eats cheese quesadillas but calls them tacos. The sign out front of the “Bone Garden Cantina” explains Max’s name for the restaurant.

The Bone Garden Cantina

The Bone Garden Cantina (Cheese Taco Man)


Above the bar

My son-in-law, Chris, is a professional photographer so after ordering my first ever empanada for me, he pulled out his cell phone to check his messages. He looked at me with a grin and said, “Nice composition, Jodi, real nice.  It looks like I just farted a Christmas tree!”  He showed my FB post with the pix around the table. Heidi and Kurt coughed up their tortilla chips and even Max laughed because what  4-year old isn’t going to think “farting a Christmas tree” is funny? So everyone had a laugh at my expense and we had a wonderful meal at a great restaurant with terrific artwork. A real Day of the Dead ambiance.


Authentic Mexican food & Day of the Dead decor

Authentic Mexican food & Day of the Dead décor

Later we congratulated ourselves on providing another positive learning experience for Max.  Now he knows where Christmas trees come from.  Out of his dad’s butt!

I still think it’s a really nice picture.  Do you think it looks like Chris farted a Christmas tree?


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