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Welcome to My Neighborhood

Blogging University 101, Assignment 8:  Get out your calling cards, and leave comments on at least four blogs that you’ve never commented on before.

standing on head2Well, how easy is this assignment?  I could do it all day standing on my head.  There are hundreds of interesting blogs by people I would love to invite over for cocktails and a chat.  Unfortunately, I have a gazillion things on my agenda today so I was a good girl and limited myself to only four new comments as prescribed by the assignment.

I read a charming post by Ace who seems to be gentleman describing how to treat a lady.  How’s that for unusual in this modern world?  The daily writing and photography of Marilyn Armstrong (Serendipity – Searching for Intelligent Life on Earth)  is always delightful and thought provoking.  Today’s blog was about struggling with the realities of retirement. Stuff My Dog Taught Me (and stuff I’m figuring out on my own),  is always good for a smile with a humorous twist on real life situations. Then there’s The Creek, a slightly off kilter, quirky look at life while living on a creek with a couple of dogs. OK, OK – one more.  For quilters, there’s Tim Latimer’s blog just in case you want to feel totally inadequate, I mean totally motivated.

There appears to be something for everyone and WordPress Reader makes it so easy to stay in touch. I always enjoy meeting new people … make a comment so we can get to know each other, neighbor.

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