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Wander, Wandered, Wandering!

I spent my working life wandering:

  • My gaze would wander to the window and I’d daydream
  • My thoughts would wander to fun things I’d rather be doing
  • My fingers would wander during meetings and I’d begin doodling
  • My feet would wander around the building to visit co-workers and “network”
  • My spirit would wander in search of adventure in exotic venues

Now that I’m retired, I can and do wander purposefully.  I travel solo, or with my husband, or with my sister wherever an itch and my bank account will allow.  Every day is an adventure … even if it’s only setting my self-cleaning oven and watching the flash fire it caused while calming my hysterical husband who couldn’t open the locked oven door to put out the fire. (FYI – the fire got the oven really clean really fast, just a quick swipe with a damp cloth to clean up the ashes.)

Obviously my mind also wanders when I’m given an assignment to explain the name and tagline of my blog.  I think it speaks for itself.


My oven wasn’t quite this bad only because the oven door was locked


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