Sisters Camping Trip … Get Ready!

My sister has never been camping.  She’s somewhat of a princess.  Just kidding … she IS a princess.  She puts on makeup and fixes her hair to take the garbage out.  Just kidding … she NEVER takes the garbage out.  That’s what husbands are for.

She’s beautiful, I’m a tomboy.  She has an outfit for every occasion; I borrow her clothes.  She enjoys shopping, I borrow her clothes.  She has beautiful jewelry to match every outfit; I borrow her jewelry to match my borrowed clothes.  She is a fantastic cook and hostess and loves to entertain; I love to attend her parties.  She vacations at beautiful condos and cute cabins in the mountains; I go camping with my travel trailer and get stuck on the top of mountains.  She is funny and effervescent; I am, ummm – droll?

10492002_10202337261581396_4174609948372119634_nWe are opposites in so many ways but adore each other and have fun adventures (although we did almost kill each other in Costa Rica a few years ago).  She’s an “un-packer”; I’m a “throw your suitcase on the bed and let’s go” traveler.  We had great adventures on our road trip last October but this camping trip could be a game changer.  Setting up a campsite can be hard physical work, not to mention having to back the camper into the site.  I told her I absolutely forbid flip-flops with wedge heels at the campsite.  I don’t care if she did just get a pedicure and a new toe ring.  I warned her that camping means a minimum amount of outfit changes, little or no makeup and flat shoes or sneakers.  She thinks I’m bossy.

I explained to her that the most important thing when camping is to pack light and consolidate your belongings.  So, we agreed that to save space we will forego her bottles of rum and coke and my bottles of red wine.  We figure one large bottle of vodka, a couple of bottles of diet tonic water and a half dozen fresh limes should do it.  See how nicely we play together when we compromise?

Tomorrow I’m loading up my Casita and Saturday will drive 150 miles to Orlando to pick up the Princess, then we’ll leave for three days of camping on a beach on the east coast of Florida.

Pray for us.



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One thought on “Sisters Camping Trip … Get Ready!

  1. you have 151 followers!! that’s fantastic … see what a little knowledge does … wull … you knew that … it’s a lesson i have to learn but unfortunately …. wulll … you know …. L ks


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